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TS 300 wave solder bath

Our latest development, the TS 300 wave solder bath, is the logical development of our TS 100/200 series. This wave solder bath combines the properties of both of its predecessors and was developed by us with a focus on three specific features. First, the TS 300 has a greater pumping capacity than both of its predecessors to allow stronger cross flow waves, particularly for stranded wires. Second, it has an open pump tube to the solder pan to prevent a strong concentration of solder impurities in the pump tube during heavy dealloying (particularly during high-temperature enamelled copper wire soldering of stranded wires), in order to reduce the maintenance intervals that require dismantling of the turbine to a minimum. Third, not only are the periods between necessary cleaning and maintenance greater, the downtime required for these is considerably shorter due to the improved structure of the pump unit, producing another significant improvement in the productivity of the wave solder bath.

Benefits At a Glance:                                            

  • Quick-change wave nozzles (without screws in solder pan),
  • nozzle shape (almost) freely selectable according to customer requirements,
  • very easy to maintain,
  • high pumping capacity and all pumps and pan parts in the soldering area made of titanium with a special coating to allow lead-free soldering up to 500 °C.

Optionally Available:

  • pneumatic wave wiper
  • nitrogen management with gas hood
  • solder-level monitoring (bar fill level)
  • pneumatic solder wire feeder for 3 mm solder wire
  • wave-monitoring laser
  • wave-monitoring camera
  • XY carriage system for fast positioning
TS 300
Schwallloetbad TS 300 2

TS 300

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