Pure titanium components with special coating.
We can also satisfy our customers' exotic needs.
Due to our many years of experience producing titanium components, we have the ability to fabricate the most varied soldering system components to customer specifications, including for third party models!
This capability has resulted in the manufacture of many static solder pots and custom soldering systems, made from durable titanium to replace worn out original parts.
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Fm Totale


Fluxing - activating the solder location with flux.
The same rules apply to wave soldering and miniature wave soldering.
The flux reduces (deoxidizes) the solder bonding surface and prevents oxides from forming during the soldering process. The surface tension of the liquid solder is reduced and its flow and wetting ability is significantly improved.

Spray, wave and brush fluxing are the established flux application methods. The key to this are the configurations of the parts to be soldered and the allowances for residue. A variety of flux stations and flux pumps are available as optimum solutions for this task.


Our flux density correction unit FM350 gives you the ability to regulate the flux to the optimum density range. This is yet another step toward continuous process reliability.

Process Control



Process control - nothing out of line here.
Efficient process controls are essential for ensuring consistent production quality.
For wave soldering as well, changes must be identified and corrected.
Monitoring the solder level is of particular importance for this due to the consumption of solder and gradual contamination of the pump system from oxidation.
The solder-level control, in combination with the solder wire feeder, ensures a consistent solder level in the crucible.


Changes to the solder wave height are securely identified by means of a laser or camera wave monitor, permitting a subsequent adjustment.


Inspecting the solder location with intelligent camera systems is becoming increasingly important. Production defects are identified immediately and costly follow-on costs are effectively prevented.

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