Wave Soldering Using a Miniature Wave This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wave soldering is characterized by the circulation of the solder and the thermal energy. The available solder itself is therefore the energy delivery mechanism, and is basically available in unlimited supply. The soldering time controls the required energy demands.

The wave soldering bath owes its resistance to aggressive media at high temperature ranges to its coated pure titanium pump system.This ensures a long service life even for lead-free solder.
Designed for individual products, the wave soldering systems are equipped with exchangeable wave soldering inserts.

Their compact designs make the systems ideal candidates for stand-alone solutions, but also for in-line configurations.

Depending of the soldering system type, these can be operated with or without shielding gas.

A configuration that is optimized to your component spectrum can be achieved with a broad range of sizes and accessory components.


Wave Soldering System TS 100


Wave Soldering System TS 200 


Wave Soldering System TS 300


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