Soldering Technology

Partial or selective soldering - an increasingly important technology. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What comes to mind regarding "Partial Soldering"?
We are full of ideas. For instance the notion: You do not have to slaughter the cow to get its milk. Meaning: By employing miniature waves, induction soldering and laser soldering, the effort is kept to a minimum, while the project objectives are maximized for THT and SMD processes alike. This forward-looking technology, which we have continuously perfected for a period of 20 years, can be an invaluable aid for difficult-to-access soldering locations. Partial soldering limits component thermal exposure, a key benefit for the higher temperatures needed for lead-free soldering.
Cycle times are reduced and process reliability is markedly improved.

Any way you look at it: Partial soldering comes out on top, and you come out on top with partial soldering.

Wave Soldering 


Induction Soldering 


Laser Soldering 


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