Wave Soldering System TS 100

The TS 100 wave soldering system, an economical soldering system for many applications.
Ideal for applications with small dimensions or components with difficult-to-reach soldering locations. The wave soldering system TS 100 can be used in nearly any soldering application up to 520 º C.
The continuously circulating solder, combined with mechanical wipe or a gas-shielded atmosphere, guarantees an oxide-free wave and thus an optimum soldering result.

For example, this miniature wave is ideally suited for coil soldering.
Any resulting dross is immediately flushed away by the continuously circulating solder and mechanical wiper.
This reduces residue at the soldering location to a minimum.
The miniature solder wave, which is also known as Miniwave, can be tailored your application with a host of accessory components

Benefits At a Glance:

  • cost-effective procurement and service                              
  • very flexible, with continuously selectable valve shape
  • very maintenance-friendly
  • provides outstanding solder quality
  • good resistance to aggressive solders                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Optionally available:

  • pneumatic wave wiper
  • nitrogen management with gas hood
  • solder-level monitoring (bar fill level)
  • pneumatic solder wire feeder for 3 mm solder wire
  • wave-monitoring laser
  • wave-monitoring camera    
  • XY carriage system for fast positioning
TS 100 
TS 100 
TS 100 
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